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We are pleased to be adding fillets to our line. They can be an attractive alternative to a double mat. If you are interested in using a fillet, we will be happy help you choose a nice fillet / moulding combination.

The pricing for a single mat with a fillet is as follows:

-Determine the united inches of your exact mat opening ( one length plus one width)

-On the Moulding Series Price Chart, find the price in the Series A column for the above determined united inches

-Determine the united inches of the final outside dimensions of your mat ( also the frame size)

-Add the price of a double mat to the price of the fillet for the total cost of the mat

Example: For a 16 x 20"  single mat with a fillet

-Your mat opening is 10 x 14", which equals 24 united inches.

-Under column A on the price chart, the price of the fillet material for 24 united inches is $ 12.00

-The united inches for the outside dimensions of the finished mat is 36" ( 16 plus 20)

- Add the $12.00 to the price of a double mat at 36 united inches ($18.90) for the total price of $30.90.