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We provide you with all the hardware & archival tape you need to fit and hang your artwork.

For Watercolor Frame Kits

watercolor.jpg Our Watercolor Kits have bendable tabs installed in the back of the frame, so all you need to do is bend them up, remove the backing and mat, tape in your artwork, and refit the mat securely by bending the tabs back down against the backing. Then you just install the screw eyes, attach the wire, and you are all set! Refer to our 'How To' page for directions, details and helpful hints on framing your artwork.

For the smaller size kits we include Filmoplast® P 90 Plus, which is acid free, self adhesive special paper, white, tear resistant, free of wood pulp. The tape is coated with acid & solvent free acrylic adhesive.

In the larger size kits, we include Lineco Self-adhesive Linen Hinging tape. Excellent for mounting the larger watercolor papers and heavier 300 .lb paper. It is a strong, acid free, high thread count cotton tape, with acrylic adhesive that is permanent, non-yellowing, and stable over time.


For Oil and Empty Frames

clips.jpg The clip-type are best for canvas boards, because the clips will sit down into the frame rabbet.
offsetfasteners.jpg Offsets are used for both canvas boards and stretched canvas. We carry five sizes, 1/8” through 3/4”, and include the screws. Offsets are especially good to use when the canvas sticks up out of the rabbet of the frame a bit. If the rabbet depth of your frame is ½”, and your stretched canvas measures 5/8” in depth, you need 1/8” offsets. You can use offsets for canvas boards by turning them over so they set down into the rabbet to hold in the board.
straphangers.jpg We look at each job and decide to give you either screw eyes or the strap type hangers, whichever we feel will be best for the security of the particular frame.

Notice: Empty frames for an oil or acrylic canvas come with offset fasteners (& screws) or clip fasteners.