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We offer a selection of both glass and plexi/acrylic glazings. Many of the glazings we offer are made by TruVue®. For 30 years, TruVue® has set the standard for premier, high quality glazing materials. 

Our Standard Frame Kits always came with either:

  • TruVue® Conservation Clear® glass ( which offers 98% protection from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays)
  • OR a clear, thick, framer's grade plexi glass, offering 66% UV protection.

We now offer more choices: 

  • Regular glass
  • TruVue® Conservation Clear® Acrylite® Acrylic(.090)(OP-3 UV filtering, clear acrylic)

Also available are: ( please call for pricing)

  • TruVue  "Conservation Reflection Control"  glass (UV non-glare glass)
  • TruVue  "Conservation Reflection Control"   Acrylite  Acrylic (OP-3 UV filtering technology, non-glare acrylic)
  • NEW! TruVue "UltraVue" anti-reflective Glass (70% UV protection)

Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light rays causes organic material to break down, resulting in fading colors and yellowing and embrittlement of the materials that bear the artwork. The best way to preserve your artwork is to protect it from UV rays from the start. Never hang your art in direct sunlight or under fluorescent light, and use a conservation quality glass or acrylic, such as TruVue® Glazing products. It’s well worth the investment.

Poor quality "non-glare" glazings have caused people (and framers) to stay clear of it. These low-tech "non-glares" have a highly frosted appearance because they are etched on both sides, resulting in great distortion and fuzziness. TruVue® Conservation Reflection Control® glazings employ etching on only one side, eliminating the reflection problem with only a subtle softening of clarity.

Notice: Due to shipping issues and safety, we only sell glass in conjunction with a frame and/or same sized mats.

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