Choose Your Product

All frame kits are custom built and fully-assembled

- Frames are joined
- For glass: Glass is cleaned
- For acrylic: Acrylic is peeled and inspected
- Bainbridge® Alphamat® Artcare™ Matboard is standard
- Bainbridge® Acid-free foamboard backing is standard
- Affixed with bendable tabs
- Acid free tape, wire, and hardware is included

Designing Your Frame KIT

Browsing Our Framing Products: We recommend browsing our frames, matboard, glazings, etc. under "Framing Products" in the header prior to referencing our price lists at the end of the process. Our frames are classified by a letter code in the frame name that corresponds to a price series. I.E.: "FRM2281 G" is a "Series G" frame on our frame (moulding) price list.

Framing Product Color/Detail: The represented color of our framing products/components will vary slightly between different computer monitors and/or browsers. Request a sample of any matboard or frame that you are interested in if color accuracy is critical; we can provide it at no charge.

Custom Framing

Your custom sized frame kit solution!

If your artwork doesn’t quite fit in our standard-sized watercolor frame kits, or you have a unique sized painting; or maybe you like wider mats than our kits offer; in any case, we can accommodate you.

You may like to print out and use our worksheet to help you figure out your custom frame size, or call us for assistance. Once you have figured out the united inches( one length plus one width) of the frame size you need, use the Price Charts to determine your Kit price!

Canvas Framing

Our custom made canvas frames are perfect for oil paintings, acrylic paintings, and any other stretched-canvas work of art.

Standard-sized Watercolor Framing

Frame kits sized for watercolor paper? What a great idea!

We came up with the idea of fully-assembled Watercolor Frame Kits after listening to the frustration from many of our local watercolor artists about the lack of affordable framing for their artwork. They either had to drastically crop their paintings, or spend a lot of money on custom framing.

We started making frame kits for the sizes that watercolor paper comes in: full sheet, half sheet, quarter sheet, eighth sheet and all the block sizes—all at a price considerably less than regular custom framing. Our artists loved them!

These kits are made of the same high quality materials and moulding used in custom framing, but they are easy-to-use, so an artist can frame their artwork themselves. Our customers also loved the fact that they could easily change the artwork in the frame, if they wished.

When viewing our price charts, please note that the standard-sized watercolor frame kit sizes are highlighted to make them easier to order.