Glass and Acrylic (plexiglass)

All of our custom picture frames are offered with both glass and acrylic glazing options—all proudly made in the USA and acid-free—with specs available so that you know exactly what you're getting. We'll help you find the right glazing to suit your need, preference, and budget.

Custom picture frames built with our glass glazings can be shipped directly to you. For safety reasons, we only sell and ship glass in conjunction with a frame and/or same-sized mats. Size and shipping distance restrictions apply and are subject to the discretion of our team; please call for details.

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Standard Framing Grade (S): Our framing grade glass and acrylic glazings are our most affordable glazing options. Best for general-purpose framing.

UV Protection (UV): The highest level of UV filtering/blocking technology; best for irreplaceable artwork and photographs, as well as watercolor paintings. Exposure to ultraviolet light (mostly from sunlight and fluorescent light) causes color fading, yellowing, and embrittlement as a result of deterioration. To best protect your artwork from UV radiation, do not hang it in direct sunlight or fluorescent light and use a UV protectant (conservation/archival quality) glazing.

Non-glare (NG): Non-glare glazings use a matte finish to scatter light, thus reducing reflection and glare. We have carefully chosen non-glare glass and acrylic glazings that employ a matte etching on only one side, eliminating the reflection problem with only a subtle softening of clarity. Other, lower-tech non-glare glazings employ etchings on both sides; creating a highly frosted appearance and resulting in significant distortion and fuzziness.

Anti-reflective (AR): We offer TruVue® UltraVue® UV70 glass, which is a water white glass with crystal clear color transmission and a virtually invisible, anti-reflective surface for truly amazing clarity. This enhanced level of clarity and high anti-reflectivity is what distinguishes "anti-reflective" finishes from traditional "non-glare" finishes.


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