Install Your Artwork

Install Your Artwork


Step 1

Carefully peel tape from bubble wrap. DO NOT use a sharp blade to cut tape - you may damage your frame! REMOVE tape COMPLETELY to eliminate the risk of the tape touching the frame and damaging the frame's finish.


Step 2

BEND flexible tabs up. DO NOT PULL THEM OUT. Lift out the foam core backing and mat only. DO NOT REMOVE THE GLASS! It has been pre-washed during assembly of the frame kit and it is tightly fitted into the frame.


Step 3

Attach the pressure sensitive archival tape (white strips) to the back of your artwork—burnish firmly.



Step 4

Center mat over artwork, adhere taped artwork to back of mat—burnish firmly.


Step 5

Carefully place the mat, artwork and backing board back in the frame. Bend the flexible tabs back down to hold the frame.


Step 6

Assemble these tools to complete the framing.


Step 7

Determine the thickest part of the fame, which is where you will attach the screw eyes. Proper placement of the screw eyes is important. If they are attached in the thin part of the frame, the pointed ends may poke out the front and ruin it.


Step 8

Measure 1/4 to 1/3 of the way down from the top edge of the frame. (PLEASE NOTE: If screw eyes are placed too high, the wire will show when hung; too low and the top of the frame will be too far out from the wall.) Use the awl to make a hole here for the screw eye. Repeat on other side of frame.


Step 9

Screw in the screw eyes all the way so that the eye loops touch the frame. Screw eyes should be placed so that the tops of the loops angle in toward the back of the artwork. DO NOT attach them with the loops parallelof perpendicular to the frame.


Step 10

Feed one end of the wire from the inside to the outside of the screw eye, leaving about five inches sticking through. Loop that five-inch end back through the screw eye, again from the inside to the outside.


Step 11

Wind the loose end of the wire around the longer length. Each new twist should be right up against the previous one. Repeat six or eight times. Snip off the dangling end after wrapping the wire. The correct way to wrap the wire is on the left. The incorrect way is in the center.


Step 12

Loop the other end of the wire through the second screw eye. Hold it in place and check tautness. The midpoint should be about three inches from the top of the frame. Repeat steps 10 and 11.

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